Stephane Portha : an entrepreneur passionate about video games

Stephane Portha : an entrepreneur passionate about video games

Stephane Portha : an entrepreneur passionate about video games

Pong, one of the first video games in the world was created in 1972. And it was the game that this entrepreneur played at the age of six. A game on which he spent several hours, and which has developed his passion for this form of entertainment. (

At the age of 14, he created his first video game, which was a small success and opened the doors to bigger successes. With his keen sense of creation and innovation, he has evolved very well in the field. Even today, its history is one of the most impressive success stories in the French digital world.

Creator from the age of 14

From an early age and driven by his passion, he quickly sought to prove himself. At 14, he created his first video game. Using machines of the time, he set up a real video game. He named it Tank. At its release, this game was very well received. It must be said that Tank had all the characteristics to make it a success story. To know:

  •  The ability to choose a game strategy in real time,
  •  A role play and simulation mode,
  •  A fluid game including shots and movements of characters,
  •  An ideal playing facility for beginners,
  •  Modern design in graphics and extensions,
  •  An irreproachable sound quality

If at only 14 years old, he was able to combine all those features in one game, it was mainly due to his determination. A determination that was noticed by Minitel at the time. Minitel therefore offered to work for them. A first job that opened the way to the digital world.

One of the first French entrepreneurs in the digital domain

After Minitel, he continued to work for several French companies in key positions. He has gained experience and skills over the years. And even though he seemed to be at the top with leadership and stewardship positions, he still sought out more.

And what better way to do this than to start your own business. In 1989, he founded Eurocenter, his own video game company. A firm that immediately found its place in the French digital world. Focusing on video game production, Eurocenter has launched as the first GraalOnline game.

A game that has been enormously successful. A few years later, Eurocenter mutated to become Eurocenter Games. A way for Stéphane Portha to refocus on his first passion: video games. From that moment, he has invested even more in video games and especially mobile games.

The continued success of GraalOnline

With the increased demand from the players on the game GraalOnline, Eurocenter Games has quickly created new versions of the game. It is quite natural that after having perfected the technical details of GraalOnline, new games are born. Among them is the GraalOnline Zone.

One of the first extensions of GraalOnline available in mobile version on Android and Ios. GraalOnline classical + is also a very famous version. This one allows the creation of its Medieval kingdom.

Finally, there are other versions like Era + that have been more successful among young people, in which the setting highlights the contemporary world. With more than 8 million games sold around the world, Stephane Portha, 49, is one of the biggest names in video games and in the French digital world.