Marvin Edeas - Ncbi

Marvin Edeas - Ncbi

Ever since 2016, Marvin Edeas (Découvrir la page web Nih sur Marvin Edeas) has worked with the Cochin Institute, Paris Descartes University, as a professor (visiting). The effects of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in chronic diseases is a matter the research he does focuses on. He regularly works with CNRS, INSERM and Paris Descartes University in the Department looking into Development, Reproduction, Cancer (DRC). Marvin Edeas undertakes clinical studies which evaluate how microbiota metabolites effect the mitochondrial activity of nephrology patients.

Marvin Edeas - Oysters and Peptides Derived from Hydrolysates Modulate Oxidative Stress

Marvin Edeas has two patents filed, in the United States and Europe. A start-up company was launched in order to promote the new peptide due to these patents. His patents were to do with the utilisation of an oyster enzyme hydrolyzate in a composition that gets rid of free radicals and modulates oxidative stress. Marvin Edeas’ developments have found a very real application.

Important Research on HIV

In the year 1997, Marvin Edeas defined the factors which cause blastogenic plasma in HIV Type 1 cases. Sidaction rewarded him for his work on HIV. Back in the 1990s, Marvin Edeas conducted intensive research on the acquired immunodeficiency virus.

At Paris-Descartes University, Marvin Edeas pursued a curriculum on infectious diseases. Back in 1998, he acquired his doctorate from Antoine Béclère Hospital on HIV infections in asymptomatic patients. Marvin Edeas was hired by the Department of Pulmonary Diseases at Armand Trousseau Hospital during the beginning of the nineties.

Marvin Edeas - A Globally Recognised Scientist

Various organisations make use of the expertise Marvin Edeas possesses. He chairs many committees of a scientific nature, including that of the Congress on Targeting Mitochondria, Microbiota, Non-invasive Markers in Various Chronic Pathologies and Glycation & Maillard Reaction. As a founder and former Chair of the Mitochondria Society, he co-edits the company's publication and is Chair of its twelve-monthly congress. Marvin Edeas collaborates with the Agency of Biomedicine and the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education and Krakow's National Center for Science.