10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

About simon lichtenberg

In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg (Page simon lichtenberg - Over-blog.com) an entrepreneur originally from Denmark, established his own company, after being engaged in the timber industry the year before. The things he has learned from making mistakes in his business operations has made it possible for him to become one of the most capable businessmen in the world today. To become successful a business must be equal to all challenges that are encountered. Simon Lichtenberg’s business went global as he began to work with clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, resulting in yearly profits of up to $2.5 million.

An additional challenge happened when Simon Lichtenberg received unsatisfactory products from the Zhenjing Leather Factory, which eventually led to him not winning a court case concerning the dispute of fair payment. Even though he is now rather successful, his journey has not been without its bumps. He wouldn't have ended up where he finds himself today without embracing his rule of business: “Never give up.” One challenge Simon Lichtenberg faced in 1997, was that he ended up in a complicated legal case concerning the production of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products. All businesses encounter ups and downs which, depending on how they are handled, can result in either victory or failure.

The Noteworthy Successes of Simon Lichtenberg

The Shanghai Municipal Government honoured Simon Lichtenberg for his huge contributions to the city of Shanghai with the Magnolia Silver Award, in 2006. Entering the timber industry was his first venture in 1992 after he had finished his studies. The ability to speak numerous languages is an advantage for an intercontinental businessman like him, who often finds himself concerned with international negotiations. Simon Lichtenberg started a company in 1993 which ultimately branched out to provide furniture.

Simon Lichtenberg simply went ahead and chased his desire to build his own organisation in China. So many business people aim to start their business in the Chinese nation because it appears to promise results in whatever undertaking. Up to 2.5m dollars profit per year is generated by Simon Lichtenberg as a result of his opening his own production plants and supplying furniture to companies in and out of the country.

The Trayton Group and Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg's establishment has 2,000 professionals and expects a revenue of 150 million dollars yearly. Many outstanding things have been carried out by Trayton Group - an establishment started by Simon Lichtenberg. Some examples are the establishing of the Trayton Foundation, which helped in the fitting of rooftop solar panels and lighting the streets of Shanghai in 2012. Companies should undoubtedly try to make a profit, but it's additionally very important that they possess a more altruistic purpose for their existence.

Amazing Qualities of Simon Lichtenberg

A total of eight separate countries of residence have blessed Simon Lichtenberg with their varying cultures and have been a factor in him mastering seven diverse languages. As a businessman who has reached his goal of building his own establishment in the progressive country of China, he can be deemed a man of strong will and dedication. The Magnolia Silver Award is one of the great honours he has received in his lifetime; this was in recognition of his extensive input with regards to improving quality of life in Shanghai. Simon Lichtenberg has been to Harvard Business School, CEIBS and Tsinghua – some exceptionally well-known educational establishments.